Urgent Care House Call

Michael Farzam MD

24/7 House Calls to Los Angeles - Alternative to Urgent Care - (310) 849-7991

An urgent care house call may be just what the doctor orders when you would ordinarily go to the emergency room. In fact, House Call Doctor Los Angeles routinely provides care to patients in the Greater Los Angeles area for all kinds of medical needs or emergencies, from routine allergy shots to X-rays for possible broken bones. An urgent care house call offers almost anything you’d need from the emergency room, without the need to languish in the waiting area of the emergency room forever. In fact, we come to you within an hour or less to almost any location in Los Angeles, at any hour of the day or night.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles knows that many prospective patients think that the days of house calls are long gone, but this isn’t the case. In fact, the business is seeing a resurgence as more people realize that they want the personalized care of an urgent care house call rather than seeing a rushed physician at the hospital who has no real vested interest in getting to know the patient when there’s a waiting room full of other individuals waiting to be seen. An urgent care home visit doesn’t involve this rush, as the physician has plenty of time to see you and attend to your medical emergency.

All kinds of urgent care matters are attended to by House Call Doctor Los Angeles, from simple malaise-like flu symptoms to blood testing of chronic conditions that have flair ups, such as diabetes to lupus. We also treat a variety of medical conditions affecting any bodily system that results in acute pain or nausea, from allergic reactions to migraine headaches or lightheadedness to STD evaluation/treatment. No problem is out of the depth of our board-certified physicians who can treat you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

One of the reasons patients turn to House Call Doctor Los Angeles is the fact that it is well worth the cost of care to have the convenience of a doctor coming to their residence, office or hotel rather than the other way around. The physician will provide you urgent care in Tarzana, Bel Air, Torrance, or anywhere in Los Angeles that you would expect at an urgent care clinic but might not expect to receive while you’re lying in your own comfortable bed.

The results are in, and the benefits of seeing House Call Doctor Los Angeles cannot be denied. We are proud to care for a variety of patients who think that medical care doesn’t mean you should have to wait in a sterile, impersonal environment such as a clinic or hospital waiting room. We offer compassionate care that cannot be matched in the clinic or hospital, and we are available even on weekends and holidays, and we make evening and late night house calls.

If you are interested in learning more about the security of having an unrushed, qualified medical care that is always available, contact House Call Doctor Los Angeles. We serve patients anywhere in the Great Los Angeles area, so please call us today at (310) 849-7991 for an appointment or fee schedule. We can also be contacted by email at [email protected]. We look forward to showing you why there is such hype around personalized medical care offered in the comfort of your own home!